Lt. Hosemann Reflects on Successful 2023 Session

Magee, Miss. (Magee News) - The below statement is attributable to Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann: “From a $600 million-plus infrastructure plan to legislation strengthening our elections process, providing options for the continued collaboration of hospitals, and increasing the number of doctors and nurses in Mississippi, the Session has been an overwhelming success. The State is in excellent fiscal condition, we are paying off debt, our personal and business taxes are decreasing, and we have adopted a conservative budget which funds necessary services. I am particularly proud of the Senate’s earlier 52-0 commitment to fully funding the education of our children. Our Senators’ leadership on this issue resulted in an additional $100 million for our schools, which will fund local supplements for [...]

Lt. Gov. Hosemann Appoints Madison Schools Parent to Charter Schools Board

Madison, Miss. (Y'all Politics) - “Marcy is smart, hard-working, patient, and organized. She also has a heart for our schools and educators,” Hosemann said. “Ensuring our charter schools are high-quality is of critical importance and Marcy will take this responsibility seriously.” Marcy Scoggins is a longtime Madison County Schools’ parent and the Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann’s newest appointee to the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board. She will serve a term ending in August 2025 upon confirmation by the Mississippi Senate during the 2023 Legislative Session. The Charter School Authorizer Board includes seven members from across the State, with three appointed by the Lieutenant Governor, one from each Supreme Court District. Scoggins, of Madison, is Hosemann’s First Supreme Court District appointee. [...]

Tax Rebate Proposed by Hosemann

Jackson, Miss. (SuperTalk) - The Mississippi legislature passed the largest tax cut in state history during the most recent session, and in spite of challenging economic times, they’ve managed a $1.5 billion surplus. At least two lawmakers – Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann and Senate Appropriations Chairman Briggs Hopson – think it’s time to give some of that money back. “I proposed last year, and I will propose this year a tax rebate, which is a one-time payment. You’re not going to break the budget by doing that. We know there are enough funds to be able to utilize that,” Hopson said. “I feel like, especially if we end up in a recession next year, the opportunity to get some funds out [...]

Aluminum Mill Development Will Transform Golden Triangle, Lt. Gov. Says

Jackson, Miss. (Mississippi Today) - The Mississippi Legislature, in a one-day special session with only a handful of dissenting votes, approved $247 million in taxpayer-funded incentives to help a company build an aluminum mill and other operations near Columbus and create at least 1,000 jobs. Lt. Gov. Hosemann said Mississippi was in competition with at least two other states for the project. Gov. Tate Reeves said Monday when he called the special session on short notice that the incentive package needed to be approved quickly to help the company with “speed to market” and ensure the mill was built in Mississippi. State officials said they agreed not to name the company until the deal was inked, and referred to the [...]

Miss. Senate Blocks Mandated Covid Vaccine for Schoolchildren Under Hosemann’s Leadership

Jackson, Miss. (SuperTalk) - On Thursday, an advisory committee to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) voted in favor of adding the COVID-19 vaccine to the recommended immunization schedule for children and adults. The decision stirred controversy on social media after Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed that the CDC would be mandating COVID-19 vaccines for schoolchildren. The CDC responded to Carlson’s claims by stating that the CDC does not establish vaccination requirements for schools and childcare centers. Vaccination requirements and mandates are left up to the states, not federal agencies. For the sake of clarification, Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann recently reminded Mississippians during an appearance on The Gallo Show that such mandates would not be enacted in [...]

Legislature’s Investments in Broadband Under Hosemann Result in 100,000 Subscribers Through Electric Co-Ops

Jackson, Miss. (Y'all Politics) - Since 2020, 100,000 rural Mississippi residents have subscribed to and received reliable high-speed internet from 17 wholly owned subsidiaries of electric cooperatives across the state, this according to the Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi (ECM). The 17 electric cooperative subsidiaries have collectively built nearly 25,000 miles of fiber optical cable and invested more than $760 million for high-speed internet infrastructure. “These 17 electric cooperatives began offering high-speed internet in 2020, so in just a short two-year time span, the cooperatives have created subsidiary organizations, secured funding, completed engineering design plans, constructed fiber lines, and are serving 100,000 rural residents with quality high-speed internet service,” ECM said in a release. “The number of subscribers continues to grow every [...]