Jackson, Miss. (WJTV) – On Monday, an exposed drafted opinion written by conservative Justice Samuel Alito alleged that majority Supreme Court justices are likely to ban abortions eliminating the historic 1973 Roe v Wade ruling that gave women the choice of abortion.

“I’ve been a lawyer 57 years. I’ve never seen this happen which makes me very suspicious of what’s going on,” said Governor Haley Barbour.

Mississippi is one of 23 states who wants to put an end to abortion. Most recently, the state appeared before the supreme court wanting to ban abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy— the most restrictive ban yet for the state.

“Of course I’m a pro-life. I was very enthusiastic about our arguments before the supreme court that our state’s law will be upheld. instead, I’m angry about what happened. this is the third branch of government, this is not supposed to happen. Somebody politicized this and we need for them to be sacred on the side. We can fight them among ourselves on legislative matters but they’re the ones that are supposed to referee us.”

Meanwhile Congressman Bennie Thompson said he disagrees with the decision if the majority opinion is true.

“The decision is the decision. And the good thing about America, even when you disagree with them, we’re still the greatest country. I personally disagree with the decision. I think a woman should have the right to choose what she would do with her body and as a legislative we shouldn’t have to pass laws, but the Supreme Court has ruled, so I respect the ruling of the Supreme Court.”

If Roe v. Wade is overturned, abortion restrictions will automatically kick in for more than twenty states— including Mississippi.

In terms of whether the opinion is likely to become reality for the U.S., well the Supreme Court’s decision will not be final until it is officially published.

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