Biloxi, Miss. (Sun Herald) – Faced with record gas prices, Mississippi Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann is calling for the suspension of the state’s 18.4 cents gas tax.

Hosemann is asking for a six-month suspension.

“The No. 1 concern citizens are discussing around their kitchen tables is the increased cost of goods and services,” Hosemann said in announcement of the proposal. “Reducing what Mississippians are paying at the pump is direct and immediate relief to families.”

Mississippi along with the rest of the country has been faced with surging gas costs amid the the war in Ukraine and other economic factors. Although much of the recent price experts attribute to the war in Ukraine, prices were on the rise before this.

Experts attribute the rise to to multiple factors including reluctance from the global oil cartel OPEC to increase supply and the increased demand as the country exits the pandemic.

According to the press release, a six-month suspension would cost around $215 million.

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